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OPRFID.com – Leading RFID Tag, RFID Card and NFC Tag Manufacturer on the Market

The rapid pace of modern life, as well as the continuous development of scientific and technical progress, dictate us their own rules. And indeed, it is hardly likely to impress anybody with such modern phenomena as mobile money, contactless payment, various kinds of innovative financial services, etc. More and more new inventions are emerging practically every day marginalizing from our memory and life outmoded technologies, destroying all stereotypes and borders and gradually changing the world for the better. That is why NFC and RFID products have easily found their way into our everyday lives and are widely used in many fields of human activity.

rfid card
RFID LF Card (125Khz Card)
RFID HF Card (13.56Mhz Card)
RFID Wood Card
Rewritable Surface Cards
RFID UHF Card (860Mhz to 960Mhz Card)...
smart card
Smart Card/Java Card
Contact IC Card(SLE4442, SLE4428.)
Jcop Card/Java Card(J2A040, J3A040.)
EMTG97-3 Card, SIM Card...
nfc tag
Type 1 Tag, Type 2 Tag
Type 3 Tag, Type 4 Tag
NFC Smart Ring
NFC Metal Label...
UHF Metal Tag
UHF Anti-Metal Tag
Flexible UHF Metal Label
High temperature UHF Metal Tag
FR4 UHF Metal Tag
Mini UHF Metal Tag
UHF Ceramic Tag
Long Distance UHF Metal Tag
rfid inlay&prelam
RFID Inlay & Prelam
RFID Prelam Sheet
RFID Inlay
HF Inlay & Antenna
UHF Inlay & Antenna
key fob
Key Fob
OEM Manufacturing of Keyfob
ABS Keyfob, Leather Keyfob...

RFID Wristband
RFID Wristband
Silicone Wristbands
Velcro Wirstbands
Plastic Wristbands
Woven Wrsitbands
Tyvek Wrist Strap
PP Synthetic Paper Wrist Strap
One way wristr strap...
Various RFID Tags, also supply OEM service:
RFID Animal Tag
Anti-Metal Label
RFID Jewelry Label
RFID Laundry Tag
UHF Washable Label
Mifare Anti-Metal Tag
Fabric Laundry Tag
Polyimide Inlay Tag
Flexible RFID Tag...

rfid reader
RFID Reader

Industrial Tablet PC
4 Ports Fixed RFID Reader
8 Ports Fixed RFID Reader
ACR122U NFC Reader
ACR38 Smart Card Reader
Desktop ISO14443A Reader
Desktop ISO15693 Reader
UHF Handheld Terminal
Bluetooth UHF Handheld Reader
Desktop UHF RFID Reader/Writer
Long Distance UHF RFID Reader...

plastic card
Plastic Card
CR80 Card, PVC Card,
Magnetic Stripe Card, ISO card,
Barcode Card, Luggage Card, Plastic Luggage Tag, Plastic Business Cards, Membership Card...
all kinds of NON standard size card,
as 3 in 1 combo card.

Our Company
OPRFID.com is a highly professional RFID tag manufacturers, RFID card manufacturers and NFC tag manufacturers in the China market. We offer a wide range of smart cards and tags of various modifications, as well as all kinds of relative facilities and application systems. We also help companies to implement in their enterprise entry and exit systems and unlike other companies selling smart cards, we always help to choose such technology that would suit your business best of all.

Our RFID Product Range:

Field of Application of Wireless Technologies
Innovative RFID technologies can be applied in different spheres of our life. However, the list below contains the main places that simply cannot do without such technologies:
Public Places: Many public places have been controlling their visitors my means of RFID systems. The usage of RFID card allows facilitating the process of counting people visiting this or that place.
Control of Access: Many businesses are using smart cards to control and track their employee attendance.
Transport: RFID cards have been widely used to control access to public transport, for example, in the subway. Besides, these technologies can be used to simplify the process of paying for public transport.

OPRFID.com – The Best RFID Products Manufacturer
We are rightfully considered to be the number one on the market because of the following reasons:

  • All our products have long working life and a wide range of applications.
  • We offer our visitors the largest assortment and most affordable prices on the Internet.
  • Our cards can serve you during an unlimited period of time.
  • All products are protected against forgery and are convenient in using.

We are always ready to answer all your questions and give advice, so that you can choose the most optimal RFID solution! We are looking forward to further cooperation with you

Our advantage:
I. More than 10 years working experience on the RFID tag, RFID card, NFC tag making which had professional management and sales experience in RFID products
II. Quality is our final goal, our company has followed international ISO9001, ROHS and SGS system, we strictly for quality control management, so as to ensure quality products.
III. We offer you superior customer service any time you do business with us. Just call or email, and we will respond quickly with a professional attitude and a willingness to help.

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What Kind of RFID Products and Services We Can Supply?

As a professional RFID product manufacturer in China, OPRFID Technology is dedicated to the development of RFID Card, RFID Tag, NFC Tag, Smart Card, ID card, RFID readers, relative facilities and RFID application systems. We also provide RFID related products design service and RFID technology and RFID solution support.